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 Ongoing Projects Sponsored By Ministry of Textile
 Development of prototype vessel for supercritical carbon dioxide (SC-CO2) dyeing of textile fibers and to establish dyeing process
  The present project envisages development of prototype vessel for SC-CO2 dyeing for textiles and to establish the dyeing process. It is proposed to design and develop a prototype vessel for SC-CO2 dyeing for textile substrate with a 20 liters dye vessel capacity.
Different types of disperse dyes based on their chemical structure is being studied for the dissolution behaviour in SCCO2 . Dyeing trials is being conducted on the modified extraction vessel based at the Industry partner’s plant. These trails are being conducted for finalization of designing and specification of the prototype vessel of SC-CO2 dyeing for textiles fibres. Simultaneously quotation is being invited for the components required for fabrication of the prototype.
Design and development of a non-destructive test method for assessing the evenness and mixing quality of non-woven blends
  The broad objective of the project is to design a suitable system for evaluating evenness of fiber mixing in nonwoven batts based on fibre dielectric coefficients. The said system would be an offline system.
The literature search for the dielectric characteristics of various fibres and their influence of various environmental factors like moisture on them is being carried out. Design of the plates for measurement of the capacitance of the blend on the non woven machine is being discussed with prospective vendors.
Development of UV fluorescent yarn for use in agrotextiles to detect counterfeits
  The main aim of this project is to make an anti-counterfeiting UV fluorescent yarn which appears as a standard white coloured yarn under normal light but glows brightly under specific UV light. These yarns can be easily incorporated into agrotextile products (woven or knitted nets) as security filaments into the product to prevent duplication.
The fluorescent UV pigments and nano particle size analyser have been procured. Melt mixing method of compounding and incorporation of fluorescent UV pigments in dope for yarn manufacturing is under process.
Development of Multilayered Bio-Mat to Combat Oil Spill Pollution
  The project envisages design and development of a multilayered biomat for addressing the oil spills at soil level and textile industries. A bio mat with a consortium of bacteria and lignite is sandwiched between two layers of PP non woven fabric layers. The mat has been developed and tried for the different oil spillages.
The final bio-mat design is being optimized considering its various components vis-a-vis the amount of oil degrading bacterial consortium, lignite concentration and gsm of the textile substrate. The effectivity and reusability trials are being ongoing.
Extraction of colourants from microorganisms having functional properties for textile applications
  The project aims a new potential source of colourants i.e.; microorganisms. Few microorganisms when isolated can produce large amount of colourants having functional properties like inherent antibacterial activity and can be applied for textile colouring.
As per objective of the project, five different colour producing organism have been isolated and identified. The violet, red and purple colour pigment was extracted and successfully applied on the textile substrate. This substrate was also tested for their antibacterial activity. The other isolated organisms are under trials to optimize their colour producing abilities. Dyeing trials for individual fabrics as well as the multifibre fabric has been done and the characteristics of the dyed samples are being studied.
 Ongoing Projects Sponsored By Department of Science & Technology
Design and Development of a Device to Measure Electromagnetic Shielding Ability of Textiles
  The proposed work is to develop a device that would measure the electromagnetic shielding ability of various textile substrates. Survey conducted to identify the electromagnetic frequencies generated by popularly used devices like cell phones, signal networks and accessories. Designing of the device is ongoing with the help of experts in the electromagnetic field.
Design and Development of an Instrumental Set-up for measuring the Photoenergy Transmitting Capability of Horticultural shading nets
  The proposed project aims towards development of indigenous set up for measuring the photoenergy being transmitted through the shade nets.
Procurement of individual components such as radiometer and pyranometer which are required for the fabrication of the set-up is under progress. The design of the whole set-up is finalized and due for fabrication
Development of Accelerated Tensile Creep Apparatus for Testing of Geotextiles
The project envisages upgrading the already developed creep test apparatus with a thermal chamber and suitable modification of the sample mounting and loading so that the same can be used for performing accelerated creep test of geotextile. Designing of thermal chamber with necessary modification of the sample mounting arrangement is done and the sample trials are under progress. As suggested by the DST review committee, six months extension is obtained for validation of the set-up.
Development of a system for converting nonwoven fabric into fruit bags & a mechanised technique for fruit bagging for horticultural application
  It is proposed to develop machinery set-up for converting nonwoven fabric into fruit bags of requisite size as per the target fruit. Further a mechanism to assist the cultivator in mounting the fruit bag on to the developing fruits with ease would be developed. Further to the development of a converting system for nonwoven fruit bags, the project envisages mechanization of fruit bagging method. The proposed mechanism would have a telescopic device with a ring for mounting the fruit bag that would enable cultivator to mount of the bag onto the fruit while standing in the canopy of the tree.
 Ongoing projects Sponsored by Defence laboratories
HAL - Hindustan Aeronautics Limited
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